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—a unique charity dedicated to Uplifting Medical Refugees™.

Cheers to Goodness™ Foundation is a unique, non-profit charity program dedicated to Uplifting Medical Refugees™. With the generous contributions of compassionate people across America, the organization provides financial assistance to patients in need of specialized treatment with medical cannabis therapy who are experiencing difficulties.



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Cheers to Goodness™ Foundation was established in 2012 by Florida financial advisor and inventor Garyn Angel. To help a friend suffering from Crohn’s disease who could not smoke cannabis because he also had asthma, Mr. Angel developed a push-button countertop appliance that converts the plant to edible form, creating a concentrated extract. When his friend enjoyed spectacular relief using the device, Mr. Angel knew he’d found his calling. He then built both his company, MagicalButter.com®, and his foundation, Cheers to Goodness™ Foundation, to promote robust health and enrich people’s lives. In 2014 his invention earned him a place among the CEOs of Apple, MasterCard, Microsoft, Tesla, and Twitter on the exclusive CNBC NEXT List—visionary leaders whose influence will shape the world of business over the next 25 years. The mission of Cheers to Goodness™ Foundation is essentially to make life a little easier for children, adults, and families suffering needlessly for lack of an extract from a common, abundant plant. Some who are burdened with heavy medical and relocation expenses receive monthly assistance from Cheers to Goodness™. The charity is a natural outgrowth of one man’s impulse to give critically ill kids and military veterans a fighting chance and educate the world about the astonishing medical benefits of cannabis.

What would spur a successful professional to suddenly change course, become an entrepreneurial philanthropist, and embark on a mission of mercy? For the aptly named Mr. Angel, it’s simply the pure joy of giving: “I want to help everyone I can. I found my passion, and I’m happy.”

If you would like to help someone and feel happy, we appreciate you!
Cheers to Goodness™!



Just weeks after touring the country to advocate for Veterans’ medical rights, Army Vet and triple-amputee Jose Martinez is once again facing a medical struggle after a horrific car wreck, and charity organization Cheers to Goodness is asking the public to help support Jose’s road to recovery.

“Jose is one of the bravest, most positive individuals we have had the pleasure to work with,” shared Garyn Angel, founder of Cheers to Goodness.“He’s done so much to rally for the rights of our citizens and our Veterans, but now it’s time for us to rally around him as he faces yet another setback in his incredible and inspiring journey.”

Martinez lost both of his legs and his right arm in 2012 after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan, where he was deployed with the United States Army. After a long recovery period and a struggle with pain pill addiction, he emerged as an advocate for Veterans’ right to choose their own path for medical treatment while recovering from war trauma.

Cheers to Goodness has donated $2,500 toward Martinez’s medical costs, and has arranged an Indiegogo campaign in hopes that others inspired by his journey may be able to donate as well. Donations can be made at INDIEGOGO.


In 2014 the cannabis community was inspired by the courage of the Callahan-Williams family, Gavin, Michelle, and Aiden, and rallied together to be part of their Christmas magic. At Cheers to Goodness™ Foundation we like to celebrate the holidays with happy, loving people. So we were honored and delighted to partner with Pediatric Cannabis Therapy and with David & Goliath Farms, who pledged to provide CBD oil for a year, and to contribute a cash buffer also, for unforeseen circumstances. In the Callahan-Williams family 2014 will long be remembered as one of the very best holiday seasons ever for all concerned.


When little Vivian Wilson was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome (severe myoclonic epilepsy in infants), seven pharmaceutical drugs could not control her brain seizures—which numbered over 100 per day. Still, her parents refused to give up hope. One day, CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, M.D., told Brian and Meghan Wilson medical science has discovered that CBD—the primary non-psychoactive medical molecule in cannabis—can reduce or eliminate life-threatening seizures. So, the Wilsons, of Scotch Plains, New Jersey, told Vivian’s story to their state legislature and won a landmark victory: legalized medical cannabis. Then a big “but” got in the way: Gov. Chris Christie insisted that the law could include whole, smokable herb for adults—but not the purified, edible CBD extract that doctors prescribe for children like Vivian, which he termed a “slippery slope”. (The governor, a lawyer, holds no medical degree and lacks medical training.)

Cornered and with time running out for Vivian, the Wilsons made the wrenching decision to uproot their family and abandon New Jersey for Colorado, where her medicine is readily available. They did not know how they would afford the relocation. Then they got an unexpected lifeline from Cheers to Goodness™ Foundation. When Christmas morning of 2013 arrived at the Wilson home, it didn’t come alone. There was a surprise delivery of toys and gifts for Vivian and the family—plus a combined $10,000 from the charity and friends of the founder to cover the costs of moving.

"It was a Christmas gift beyond our wildest dreams. We thought a friend wanted to deliver Christmas cookies," an emotional Meghan Wilson told the Philadelphia Inquirer.



There are many more children and adults in critical situations who would greatly benefit from non-toxic, natural, gentle, and very effective herbal medicine. But they are denied cannabis therapy due to obsolete and horribly cruel laws that predate the medical discoveries of the plant’s healing properties, laws that have no place in a free society. Slowly things are changing, and Cheers to Goodness™ Foundation is here to make a difference NOW!

You’re here because you like to feel good by helping others who are in need. If you’re excited about the life-enhancing, healing powers of cannabis, right now you can be part of something special! Your donation to Cheers to Goodness™ Foundation will mean the world to someone suffering needlessly. Thank you for your kindness and generosity, and please be assured no amount is too small.

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